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Wealth Academy Podcast - Episode #18 Ron Price Shares Expertise On How To Transition From Conflict To Collaboration

Episode Summary

Ron Price visits Wealth Academy Podcast to share expertise as a conflict to collaboration expert. He is the author of the Play Nice In Your Sandbox series that includes the workplace, home, and church.

Episode Notes

Paul Lawrence Vann interviewed Ron Price, Master of Arts (M.A.), and Ron states conflict is inevitable, damaged relations are optional. Most people say they dread conflict, yet with a few simple tools, tips, and techniques that need not t be the case for you. 

Ron Price is the author of the  Play Nice In Your Sandbox book series. During this episode of Wealth Academy Podcast he equips listeners in the art of relationship CPR - Conflict Prevention & Resolution.

Discover more about Ron price at ron@playniceinyoursandbox.com

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