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Wealth Academy Podcast - Episode #11 Paul Lawrence Vann's Top Ten Tips In Support Of Your Financial Goals

Episode Summary

Host Paul Lawrence Vann is a Certified Financial Coach and during this episode, he provides you with his top 10 tips in support of your financial goals today and in the future.

Episode Notes

All too often some people go about their daily lives working, earning a salary, buying goods of all kinds, paying bills, and going into debt over their heads and this is a recipe for financial disaster.  As a financial coach Paul Lawrence Vann helps clients gain a greater appreciation for what's possible if they take control of their financial resources.

One of the first things a person should do is get a notebook and write down their assets and debts. In one column write down whatever assets you have and in the other column write down all of your debt. Subtract the debt from your assets and it will reflect your net worth, it represents the starting point for establishing your financial vision for today and in the future.

Don't be surprised about what you find out after your initial financial assessment. Work with what you have, this episode expounds on each of the top ten tips listed below:

Tip #1 - Write out your budget each month

Tip #2 - Write down every penny you spend

Tip #3 - Stick to your budget each month

Tip #4 - Reduce your debt

Tip #5 - Don't add any more debt this year

Tip #6 - Save up an emergency fund

Tip #7 - Start saving for retirement

Tip #8 - Better your career

Tip #9 - Set up a financial plan

Tip #10 - Cut spending

Coach Paul elaborated on each of the top 10 tips and what he wants you to do is to act on his content-rich wisdom. There is no better time than now to begin your journey to financial stability because you owe it to yourself and your family to be well-positioned in case of another pandemic and or another life challenge occurs. Don't wait for the new year, your time is now, incorporate these tips into your life today!

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